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  • Candace Ahlfinger

Sampling New Foods in Iceland

Dinner at 3 Frakkar--Beautiful Presentation and Wonderful Food

Our trip to Iceland gave us the opportunity to eat at 3 Frakkar ( in Reykjavík. I had checked out the menu before we left home because I knew we could sample several foods in Iceland that aren’t available in the US. My husband and I had a wonderful dinner at this restaurant which was in walking distance from out Airbnb. The cozy interior and great service were very welcome after walking in the cold rain.

We started the meal with Hakarl, the national dish of Iceland. The dish is composed of small cubes of fermented, then dried, Greenland shark. (Greenland sharks are poisonous to humans, but hungry Vikings found that the toxins could be neutralized by burying the shark for several weeks.) The first bite was okay, but we got a big whiff of the dish before our second bite which was a big mistake! The dish smells like ammonia due to the high uric acid in the shark. We took several more bites, but it is one of the few dishes that I don’t need to repeat.

The remainder of the meal was wonderful. We chose many of the appetizers and one entree so we could sample more items. The raw whale meat sashimi was excellent as were the smoked puffin in a mustard sauce and the dried fish jerky. We had a grilled foal tenderloin (horse) with pepper sauce which was also wonderful.

The evening was a success thanks to a wonderful dinner at 3 Frakkar and the ability to share many new experiences with others!

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